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Another Lead That Might Indicate Emma Stone Is A Part Of Death Stranding

We recently talked about the Rumor about Emma Stone being part of Death Stranding, the upcoming game being made by Hideo Kojima. Today we have another lead that points in the same direction. Here we have a video that is very Death Strandy.

Although the video is very blurry and it is hard to make out the face of the person, the similarity between the video and the picture that we previously saw cannot be neglected. You can check out the picture below.

Emma Stone

You can check out the video that we are talking about below and see the resemblance for yourselves. You should take this information with a grain of salt. There has been no confirmation from Emma Stone or Hideo Kojima regarding the matter.

You should wait on an official confirmation regarding Emma Stone and her involvement in Death Stranding before getting too excited. Kojima has talked about meeting Emma for the first time and he also talked about a female doing motion capture for the game as well.

Kojima is known for messing with the fans and it is possible that the truth is the complete opposite and Emma Stone has nothing to do with the game but I would rather keeps my hopes up for not.

It is a possibility looking at other well known actors that are also playing different roles in the game.

The following is fan at that has been inspired by this rumor. This is proof that Emma Stone would be a great match for this game and that there are people that are very excited about the thought of Emma Stone being a part of Death Stranding.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Emma Stone was great in La La Land and she could be great in this upcoming game as well. let us know what you think about this rumor and whether or not you want to see Emma Stone in this upcoming game.