Bungie Makes Destiny 2 Announcement Via Teaser Image On Twitter

Bungie has finally posted a Destiny 2 announcement on its Twitter and other social media pages, confirming that the sequel to their 2014 first-person shooter will be coming soon.

Destiny 2 had previously been said to be coming sometime this year, apparently late in September, but currently we don’t have an official confirmation.

For the past few years there have been various hints of Destiny 2 coming soon, including a small amount of concept art. This art involved fire and what appeared to be new super moves for each class of Guardian, such as a shield, a spear, and more.

While there isn’t really much (or any) information about what will be in a sequel, the Destiny 2 announcement will at least build up a lot of anticipation for Destiny fans. This can go even higher if Bungie goes to E3 2017 to show off what they have from the game.

When Destiny was first released, the game got a good bit of criticism due to a lack of content, a poorly explained story, and other similar complaints.

Hopefully with the success the game has enjoyed since release, and lessons learned from their DLC, Bungie will have the money to put in a better story together for the game.

While Bungie has confirmed before the Destiny 2 announcement that characters would not carry their gear, stats, or looks over (meaning you’ll have to make a new character when you start Destiny 2), Activision has also implied that the game will have a PC version this time around, which could have the possibility of making the game even better for the sequel.

While we likely won’t come across more information until E3 2017, hopefully more information appears before then so that the Destiny 2 announcement can have an announcement trailer at some point before E3. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait until Bungie and Activision release more information.