A Demo is Out for Mafia 3 Faster Baby DLC

Hangar 13 has recently released a demo for Mafia 3 Faster Baby DLC, this demo features a bank heist, and set the scene for the game, it is a small sample of what the DLC has to offer.

The DLC is however, quite large in size about 24GB, but if you like the demo, and wish to play the game then it is worth it, any progress that you make in the demo will be transferred to the full game, if you decide to purchase that.

Let us talk about some new features of Mafia 3 Faster Baby DLC, it features a new town Sinclair Parish, which is a rural town west of Bayou, the local sheriff rules the town with violence and fear, and will dispose of anyone that gets in his way.

This introduces the player once again to the criminal underworld of 1968.

The plot revolves around the murder of a Civil Rights activist, who wished to expose the sheriff for his corruption. However, after his murder Lincoln Clay, the main protagonist ¬†joins up with Roxy Laveau to expose the town’s corrupt sheriff.

This DLC will offer the player to engage in high octane car chases, nasty operations and combat tactics in order to bring sheriff Slim and his corrupt department to justice.

New rewards are also included with more weapons, combat mechanics, stunt driving, outfits, new Faster Baby vehicles, and 10 new achievements.

Players who liked the Mafia 3, should definitely try this DLC demo, and if it is to your liking then you can download the full game, Mafia 3 Faster Baby is first of the three downloadable episodes, and if it is as good as it seems in the trailers, then we should eagerly wait for the other two episodes to release, after we are finished with this one.

This DLC is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so download this demo now, and experience this new story line.