Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro Patch Was a Minor Update, Not so Much Improvement

FromSoftware recently released patch 1.11 for Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro, promised an upgraded performance, but the update turned out to be quite minor, and offered a slight improvement which was not even satisfactory.

According to Eurogamer, the update only locks frame rate of the game from its previous framerate of 30fps, while the framerate can go beyond 30fps, but it does not mean that it can reach upto 60 fps.

The framerate stays between 40 fps, and stutters every time players move to a new area, only in a few instances does it reach 60 fps, but in the gameplay altogether the framerate stays somewhere in the mid 40fps, FromSoftware did not do more with the update to bring the game to consistent 60fps, it seems like they didn’t even made an effort, this was very disappointing.

FromSoftware did announce an increase in framerate, and they did deliver it, however, this was not according to our expectations, after waiting months for this patch we were expecting it to give us atleast some sort of relief but it did the opposite, now we have to wait months for another patch to be released to fix this problem.

Apart from the frame rate, we were expecting this patch to increase resolution, to utilize the PS4 Pro hardware, but FromSoftware delivered the bare minimum, and showed a lack of interest in the update, and it looks like to experience a smooth Dark Souls 3 gameplay PC might be the best choice.

Let us hope this won’t be the last patch FromSoftware releases for Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro, the future updates should focus on fixing the performance issue and should bring the gameplay to a fixed 60 fps, so we can experience this dark fantasy RPG in all of its glory.

Have you experienced similar stutter on the PS4 Pro? What optimizations should FromSoftware make? Tell us in the comments below.