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Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti Features An LED Display For Monitoring Temperature And GPU Usage

We recently talked about the Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti and the fact that it came with an LED that showed GPU temperature and operating frequency among other things. Now we have more information regarding the GPU. Here we are going to take a closer look at the Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti.

The Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti features a triple fan design. Each fan is 92mm and the middle fan is placed lower than the others for enhanced cooling efficiency and keeping the GPU cool under load. This is a GTX 1080 Ti at heart so you can expect the best performance possible.

The GPU is black with white accents here and there and it also glows Red with the help of LEDs that are strategically places around the GPU.

It gives a unique look when mounted. This is something difference and innovative that we have not seen in the past.

The display on the GPU allows you to take a look at the GPU statistics without having to open up different software on your system.

If you place your desktop on your table then you can easily check out different stats at a glance which should be helpful when you are gaming and do not want to break immersion.

As of right now we do not have confirmation regarding the pricing or the frequency and if you were interested in getting one of these GPUs then I have some bad new for you.

Unfortunately this card will be coming out only in China next month. If you want to get this GPU then you will need to import one or get it from someone you know in China.

The Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti is a cool custom design model and has very aggressive looks. Something you would want to have in your PC and show it off with a glass side panel. You can check out the pictures here.

Let us know what you think about the iGame GTX 1080 Ti and whether or not you are interested in buying one.