Blinding Sun and Bloom Effects Being Addressed in Battlefield 1

DICE has acknowledged the sun for being a secondary opponent in Battlefield 1, causing weird lighting and bloom effects that temporarily blind players.

Responding to a thread on Reddit, the developer confirmed that it has been tracking the the issue for some time now. While the “graphical issue is high on the priority list,” there is no timeline available to promise the community with.

DICE will share further information on the lingering lighting and bloom issues once progress has been made.

The performance boost for the sun arrived with the last update, accompanying the release of the game’s new expansion pack, They Shall Not Pass. However, the issue is not isolated to just the new multiplayer map. Multiple maps in the game have various locations where the player can instantly be bombed with a blinding flash of light as soon as glancing upward. The only way to protect yourself is to make sure that the sun is at your back.

This proposes great disadvantage for the side rushing against the light since it becomes almost impossible to gun down targets. Unfortunately, the current options available the game do nothing to reduce the amount of bloom effects or the strength of the lighting.

The issue is not new to Battlefield 1. At the time of its release, a similar problem was reported by player. In the months to follow, the number of reports declined. The few who still faced lighting issues at random were assumed to be facing technical issues based on their older systems.

It is unlikely that the developer will release a hot-fix in the weeks to follow. Battlefield 1 is preparing to receive a major Spring Update. Among many new features, it promises to adjust the online netcode for better server stability. Hopefully, the fix for the lighting and bloom effects will also be included alongside.