Nintendo Working On Multiple New IPs For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has brought many memorable games but the company has never shied away from releasing new IPs for its systems. Now Nintendo has confirmed that it is working on new IPs for Nintendo Switch.

Speaking with a Japanese Outlet(via NintendoEvrything), Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi confirmed that Nintendo is working on multiple new IPs for Nintendo Switch which will include some unconventional titles. He added that there are titles that will take full advantage of the Joy-con controllers.

In related news, Nintendo just recently released Super Mario Run for Android devices. However, despite being a successful and a profitable game, Nintendo revealed that the game did not meet the sales expectations.

Fire Emblem Heroes also launched for mobiles which is also a cash cow for Nintendo, however, a Nintendo official told the publication that the company prefers Super Mario Run model over Fire Emblem Heroes model.

According to Nintendo, they intend to do more with mobile games than just make money. The company aims to bring its unique characters and games to a wider audience and create synergy with game consoles such as the new Switch.

What are your expectation for these new IPs from Nintendo for Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments.