Eternal Ring Might be Coming to PS4

FromSoftware’s Eternal Ring is in PS4 trophy listing, so the chances are that we might get to see it on the modern console, this game is a first person RPG, and its release date is so far back, that many of us were too young or not even born yet, i mean we are talking about the year 2000, that is almost two decades, pretty old right.

Eternal Ring was released a year before Kings Field series, a predecessor to Demon Souls and Dark Souls, now PS4 trophy list has popped up suggesting that, we will get to see Eternal Rings on PS4 sometime soon.

The story follows a magician named Cain sent by his king to poke around the Island of No Return, where a legendary artifact called the Eternal Ring is presumed to be, the island is home to a large number of mythical creatures, including dragons, lizard men, and gargoyles, also located here are magical gems and rings.

The game is played in a first person perspective, a unique feature of the game is the use of magic rings, although the game also features knives and swords, which can be acquired, but the most powerful attacks come from magic rings, which is pretty obvious, i mean it is a game about rings, so rings should be powerful.

The game received “mixed” reviews, in Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of 25 out of 40, noting its good graphics and innovative ring creation system, but stating that the game had an overall rushed feel to it and that it could have spent more time in development.

Although, it was not amazing but let us not forget, it was the stepping stone that ultimately gave way to an RPG with one of the best fight mechanics and baddest bosses, to be a predecessor to such a big game makes it just as important, because there would be no Dark Souls without Eternal Ring,.

Let us hope this game makes it to PS4 and we can experience this classic, with a few modifications, otherwise it will be pretty boring by today’s standards.

Do you want to see this classic on PS4? What changes do you expect? tell us in the comments below

Source: VG247