Xbox One S Kinect Adapter is Not Free Anymore, You’ll Have to Buy From Now On

Microsoft has tried different ways to make the Kinect likable. After Xbox One’s launch, the company has started selling bundles with the device, a not so successful option that has led them to exclude it from the pack and sell it separately.

But Microsoft still believed in the product, so they have made an adapter for Xbox One S, so that users could continue to use their Kinect with the new console.

In addition to that, Microsoft has also started an offer that gave you the chance to grab the Xbox One S Kinect adapter for free.

Unfortunately, the promotion has now come to an end.

From the end of March on, you will only be able to buy the Kinect at the price of $39.99; no gifts, no free stuff.

Since Kinect wasn’t successful even after the announcement of the promotion, it will be interesting to see what the company will do with it.

Well, according to Phil Spencer, Kinect will remain a part of the Xbox One’s ecosystem:

We made a decision on Xbox One S in terms of how we were going to support Kinect plugging in. We wanted to make sure to support the device. We didn’t have the custom Kinect controller plug-in because it allowed us to kind of double-up and have a USB connector in there as well, which I think is just a good feature for the box. I think that the success of the Kinect device is based on how people use it and how much they enjoy using it. We’re investing in things like Cortana coming to Xbox, which gives people voice control and in which obviously Kinect is a great way for voice to come into the box.

Xbox One S Kinect adapter is now available worldwide.