This Week’s Street Fighter V Missions Reward 6,600 Fight Money

A new set of four challenges has gone live for Street Fighter V, tasking the player-base to complete specific tasks in order to earn additional Fight Money.

As always, most of the tasks are pretty straight forward and self-explanatory by their titles alone. However, there is one mission for this week that carries a vague description. No need to fret though, since its completion in Street Fighter V is mighty easy.

A Short-Tailed Bat Colony: Enter the Forgotten Waterfall stage and head to the far right side of the screen. Here, simply knockdown your opponent a few times with a sweep or any other attack that does the job.

You’ll know that you were successful in completing the mission when a flock of bats fly out of the cave after the opponents tastes dirt for a few times. The missions earns you 5,000 FM and can only be done versus human opponents.

Perform a combo 10 times: Pick your favorite character and unleash combo strings to earn 100 FM.

Use Fight Request to play a Casual Match: Activate “Fight Request” from the main menu and set it to match against casual players. Entering the first match will net you 1,000 FM.

Play Survival Mode: Launch the mode to straight up earn 500 FM.

Earlier this week, an official representative from the Evolution Championship Series confirmed that EVO Japan will take place early next year in the heart of Tokyo.

This is the first time that the premium fighting game tournament is spreading its wings to head overseas. Despite several top-ranking players hailing from the region, the annual preeminent event has only been around for the western audience.

EVO Japan is scheduled to be held between January 26-28 at Akihabara UDX in Tokyo. The town is famous for being a prime shopping district for video games, anime, and manga. It also features a large number of arcades, boasting a storied fighting game legacy.