Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Kett, Outlaws and Remnant Enemies Guide – Tips and Combat Strategy

Every Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer game will have you facing seven faces of enemies from three different factions. Enemies are not all the same and will not behave the same way. They have their own unique skills and weaknesses as well.

In multiplayer you will face the Kett, Outlaws, and Remnant. The following guide will help you figure out how to beat them and how they usually behave during combat.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Enemies

The Kett

This race is made up of different types of enemies that these beasts have taken under their wing and genetically modified. Most of the time they are seen using plasma-burst-based.

They are the frontline troops for The Kett and their main goal is to deal damage. They work in groups and stay behind cover while moving in on you. They are great at keeping the player pinned down.

When facing them, be very careful and move from cover to cover. They will try to flush you out with grenades.

They are the attack dogs for the Kett and they are good at flanking their enemies. They will charge and try to overwhelm the player but your best bet is to stay focused and aim for the head. The head is the weak point.

Keep in mind that the Wraith will become invisible while moving but becomes visible when it attacks.

These are the support staff or the suppressors for the Chosen. They use heavy fire to push the player into cover allowing its teammates to flank and charge. You need exploit its limited ability to turn when it is firing, this will give you an opening for attack.

But it would a while before they go down thanks to the thick armor.

Light armor but a powerful weapon; however, they are not a threat when alone but in groups they can become overwhelming. Drain its light shield and use biotic attacks to take them down.

They constantly charge toward you while using their standard attacks. It can lock the Ascendant’s Orb in one place and cause damage within a large area.

You need to take down the Ascendant’s Orb before you can kill it. Do not position yourself directly in front of the Orb, use biotics to attack the enemy.

Fiends use heavy armor and move between slowly between bursts of speed. It can dash its way through an entire party. The best way to beat it is to gain some distance and keep attacking its face. That will deal a decent amount of damage. Fire-based abilities and ammunitions are also very effective.


Charging toward the enemies they use melee attacks and often leaping if the path is clear. All types of weapons are effective againts this enemy but melee can do better, however, it is risky.

Raiders use armor to protect itself but it is weak so easy to take down. The best way to deal with a raider is to charge him and use melee or close range damage. They don’t pose much trouble and usually stay behind cover.

Keep in mind that if you are behind cover it may try to flush you out with a grenade.

Extremely dangerous and can deal a lot of damage. While combat, make sure to take them down first or else they will support their allies from a distance and things won’t end well for your party. There are two way to deal with them, either get close and reach their position using your biotic abilities, allowing you to blink from one place to the other, or use a long range rifle.

Using a chain gun this metal beast moves slowly toward its target. It is great at keeping the player pinned down, the best way to beat it is to flank it. Use its slow speed against it to flank it.

Heavy armor and flank cannon will make your life difficult on the battlefield. It tries to flush you out of cover so it is best to keep moving from cover to cover while attacking it. If the Berserker is on the battlefield, focus your attacks on it and make it a priority target.


One of the most difficult enemies to beat on the field. It can generate swarm of enemies to attacks can overwhelm the players. It stays at mid-range behind cover and comes to out to shoot briefly before going back to generate more enemies. Make it a priority target.

The Breacher rushes the player, the one that is nearest to it and tried to close the gap as quickly as possible. The best way to deal with him is to make sure you don’t allow him to get close. Keep moving around and attacking him. Keep in mind that it can self destruct so keep an eye on any color changes.

It is a tough enemy but can be taken down if you just pay attention to its movements. What you need to do is make sure you attack it while it is on the move. It needs to stop in order to attack the enemy, stay behind cover while it attacks and wait for it to move.

These are very mobile enemies and like to stay at a distance. They can fly and attack above using its beam. The good news is that they are fragile and can be taken down easy. Just make sure not to expose yourself for too long.

It uses a twin turrets to attack its enemies and make sure they stay behind cover while its allies flank. It will move on your position but not while attacking. It will stop to attack so it gives you an opening. Make use of it and take it down using heavy weapons.