Some Horizon Zero Dawn Player Stats Shared, Numbers in Millions

Horizon Zero Dawn player deaths have gone on to top over 95 million, meaning Aloy has been brutally murdered by many of the robot animals that wander the game’s world over 95 million times since the game released at the end of February. This is according to the game’s director, Mathijs de Jonge.

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According to de Jonge, some of the stats for the huge number of player deaths include five million kills by Thunderjaws (the big T-rex robots that have apparently struck fear into the hearts of players) with 400,000 deaths via Tallnecks (though considering they’re mostly passive it’s likely their deaths are because the player was careless and either fell off or got stepped on).

There were also 3 million deaths from the Stalker enemies…and 348 deaths from log traps.

However, Horizon Zero Dawn player deaths aren’t the only things that Guerrilla Games have been tracking.

De Jonge also talked about the most-killed enemies that were in the game. In that case, players have killed 1.7 million Thunderbird enemies, 490 million bandit/Eclipse enemies, 1.4 million Thunderjaws, 152 million Watchers, and 20 million Turkey enemies.

All of this is only part of Horizon Zero Dawn’s resounding success. The game has sold over 2.6 million copies in the space of roughly a month, a resounding success for a game like this.

And, considering that previously Guerrilla Games had never done an open-world RPG-like game before (instead focusing on first-person shooters) this is likely good news for them.

Especially since it means that they might put out more games like Horizon in the future.

Not to mention, if all of these Horizon Zero Dawn player deaths topped nearly a hundred million in a month, one can only guess at how many others are going to be coming in the next few months.

Especially if more people buy the game around the summer and the holidays.