For Honor Gets New Community Order With 2,000 Steel Reward

For Honor has received a new Community Order that tasks everyone to play as many PVP Brawls as possible for the chance to earn a bunch of rewards.

The community objective is different for each platform. Ubisoft announced that the goal is 800,000 matches on PlayStation 4, 700,000 matches on Xbox One, and 400,000 matches on PC.

A platform that manages to achieve the set goal will reward its players with 2,000 Steel. Ubisoft will also be handing out a Scavenger Crate that holds five pieces of gear for all participating players, two of which are guaranteed to be higher quality.

It should be noted that the new Community Order will only take into account players participating in PVP Brawls. Those submitting to the AI will not be part of the event. Also, a player needs to have played at least one match to qualify for the records.

For Honor already commenced with the new objective yesterday and will run through to March 26. Make sure to help your community out by playing and completing as many matches as possible during this week.

The new Community Orders arrives just days after Ubisoft received criticism over the high cost of customization items in the shop. In short, someone who invests a couple of hours daily will need at least 2.5 years to unlock everything available in the game. Either that or the player must fork over $700 in order to empty the shop.

In response, Ubisoft explained that the high cost is part of the game’s design. The developer expected players to invest their time in only a couple of characters at the most. As such, For Honor is not made to have players unlock everything in the shop.

Steel, the in-game currency, can be earned in small amounts for finishing a match and completing daily objectives. It can then be used to upgrade a character in terms of strength and cosmetics. The most expensive outfits in For Honor can cost as much as 15,000 Steel. Then there are emotes, the most recent one going up for sale at 7,000 Steel, as well as armor ornaments, special effects, and execution moves.