Counter-Strike Fans Can Pre-Order “Five Year Veteran Coin” Collectible

The latest update of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive removes both the R8 Revolver and the Negev, but only from the game’s Competitive Matchmaking.

According to Valve, the decision of removal was based on the fact that no one in their right mind would use the two weapons in a high-stakes situation.

The weapons will still be available for use in the other modes. For now, “players can have fun with them without impacting competitive play.”

However, that doesn’t mean that his marks the end of the Revolver and the Negev. Valve will use the time to consider changes in order to make the weapons viable for competitive games. They will return in due time.

Until then, the latest patch notes reveal new changes for the rather unpopular weapons.


  • Firing delay significantly reduced


  • New attributes to promote suppressive fire.
  • Reduced price.
  • New sounds that dynamically indicate weapon accuracy.

In addition to the new gun changes, Valve is offering a physical version of the “Five Year Veteran Coin” in your inventory. Those who have it can pre-order the real version, which is made of die cast zinc allow and comes in a wooden display box with a magnetic closure. It also includes an acrylic display stand.

Furthermore, the Friends Panel on the Main Menu has been improved to provide more information about incoming and outgoing friend requests. A new panel will also display the names of the players that you fought alongside in your recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches.

Last week, Valve released a new map called Canals which is set in the historic city of Italy. An international group of terrorists known as the Phoenix is threatening to do harm. To curb their evil intentions and safeguard the people, a highly trained group of operatives from SEAL Team Six has been deployed.