Call of Duty World War 2 Could Be Happening, is Going Back a Good Idea?

Call of Duty over the years have been criticized and hammered due to its lack of innovation, rehashed gameplay mechanics, poor animations, and using the same assets.

The annual cycle dented the franchise badly and we were hoping to hear of a break after the poor reception of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

After listing to fan feedback for years, Call of Duty is finally taking our demand for “boots on the ground” seriously this year, it looks that way. A new set of images leaked online making us believe that Call of Duty is going back to World War 2.

The last time we stepped foot in this timeline was when Call of Duty: World at War released in 2008. Call of Duty’s high points lay within games based on World War. Going back to World War 2 in 2017 would not only be nostalgic but something that can manage to satisfy a better part of the community that has been begging for change.

However, going back to World War a year after Battlefield kind of toned down the excitement I should have for something like this. A modern day shooter with boots on the ground action like Modern Warfare games, or visiting Vietnam would have been a better choice, in my opinion, playing a World War based shooter two years in a row isn’t exciting to me.

But I understand that I may be in the minority here.

Going to World War is exactly what a large number of fans wanted and if the leak is accurate, we can see many fans who left the community coming back and spending their money on this franchise again.

Battlefield 1 struggled with storytelling but this is where most COD games usually shine. A great World War story is what Sledgehammer needs to put forward combined with true boots on the ground multiplayer action.

For Call of Duty right now, a drastic thematic change is necessary. This franchise can not put out another sci-fi Star Wars wanna-be shooter, at least not a while.

While I personally wish to visit Vietnam, the community would still be happy with World War 2 as it feels fresh and different after a long line of futuristic installments.

For Call of Duty, World War 2 is a good idea!

Vietnam or Call of Duty World War 2? Let us me know in the comments below.