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Voice Actor Teases God of War PS4 Release for 2017

God of War is Sony crown jewel and after being on a hiatus for a long time, Kratos is ready for another outing. The man/God stretched his arms a little in the E3 2016 trailer by taking on a troll.

Since we haven’t seen Kratos but it seems he may have to face more than a troll this year. God of War PS4 release date could be set for 2017. It is unlikely but if Sony managed to pull it off, it would be an amazing piece of news.

Sony is yet to confirm this but the voice actor for Kratos, Christopher Judge, accidentally teased the game’s release window. His Twitter profile mentions “Father, husband of @giajudge, actor, voice artist, producer, writer, golfer. KRATOS – GOD OF WAR (2017).”

God of War PS4 release date should be confirmed at E3 2017. We are certain that Sony is prepping new footage for God of War 4 as well as an announcement for its release window.

Sony will take the stage in June to discuss all things PlayStation. God of War is under development at Sony Santa Monica but we don’t know for how long.

God of War 4 aka God of War PS4 will introduce the son of Kratos and their journey against Valhalla.  And recently we came to know that the game is for 18+ audience. The rating means that the content shown in the video game is not suitable for players under that age.

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