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New Total War Reveal Counting Down On Creative Assembly Website

Creative Assembly has a new Total War reveal counting down on their website, and it might be the next phase of their Total War: Warhammer series.

The countdown, which is currently at 8 days, apparently hints on March 31, next Friday, we’ll see the newest product of the studio be revealed.

While it’s not necessarily confirmed that it’s another Total War: Warhammer title, the background of the countdown, which shows a misty jungle with what appears to be a stepped pyramid in the background, points to it being the second phase of the Total War: Warhammer series.

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle setting that Total War: Warhammer is based on includes a faction that’s based on the South American civilizations such as the Mayans and Inca, in the form of the Lizardmen. As stepped pyramids, dense jungles, and Mayan-style armor and weapons are part of their distinct look, we may get some form of trailer focusing on them.

Total War: Warhammer’s vast world necessitated three different games (or rather one game with multiple large expansions), which would unveil new areas of the Warhammer world as the game’s development went on.

The first game only covers what is termed as the “Old World”. With this countdown, we’ll likely be expanding the playable game area to the southern continent of Lustria, and possibly to other areas.

These may include Ulthuan, the island home of the High Elves, Naggaroth, the home of the evil Dark Elves, and Lustria itself, where the Lizardmen live.

Even with these new factions possibly coming in the Total War reveal, there will likely still be a number of other factions that Creative Assembly will have yet to unveil in other areas, such as the skeletal Egyptian-style Tomb Kings, and other Warhammer factions and content.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until next Friday to see what exactly is revealed.