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PlayStation Store Flash Sale Will Offer Upto 80% Off On Games, Ends 27th March

PlayStation Store flash sale will be taking place this week and seeing how a PlayStation Store flash sale takes place pretty much every month it is no surprise that we are also getting one in March. This information has been taken from the subscription email. If you have signed up for that then you can see the confirmation in your inbox.

The email did not reveal any titles or the theme of the PlayStation Store flash sale, so as of right now, we do not know what to expect from the sale. The sale is steep so you can expect to see some good discounts on some cool games.

If you have been saving up to buy games then you might find something you fancy when the PlayStation Store flash sale goes live.

The sale will start of Friday and will end on Monday. Perfect time for you to download and enjoy your new games over the weekend. There have been no sales in March and we were anticipating to see one this week and it is great to have confirmation of that.

Although the sale will be up to 80% off we will have to see which titles are discounted for that much. I doubt there will be many titles going to that price cut but I hope to see some decent games on an 80% discount.

It will be interesting if new titles like Horizon Zero Dawn will also be on sale but it is highly unlikely. Whatever the case may be we are very excited about this flash sale and so should you. The weekend is a great time to lay back relax and play some video games.

Let us know what you think about this PlayStation Store flash sale and what you are hoping to buy on a discounted price.