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Overwatch Player Controls Orisa With Bongo Drums and Nerf Gun

An Overwatch player with way too much time on his hands decided to make a custom controller to play the new character Orisa, using a bongo drum, a Nerf gun, a DDR dance pad, and a yard sign on a stick. And he actually does pretty well, in spite of how weird it is.

Using weird controllers is nothing new for gamers; more than one Dark Souls player, for instance (such as TwerkingYoshi himself), has played the game on bongo drums. But using four different odd controllers that each do something different is just as odd, and if anything, even more complicated.

However, the different controllers are all relevant to Orisa’s various abilities, so any Overwatch player, such as ATwerkingYoshi, the player in question, would at least know what each one does. For instance, Orisa’s weapon is a rotating rapid-fire machine gun, and the Nerf gun that he uses to shoot is also a rotating machine gun variety.

Orisa’s ultimate icon is also shaped like a hand drum, so ATwerkingYoshi also rigged that up to use Orisa’s two other abilities: Fortify and Protective Shield. Both of these help her to defend her teammates, the first with a Reinhardt-like shield, the second by boosting her own defense.

The third ability Orisa has is the “Halt!” ability. ATwerkingYoshi activates it by hitting the “No Trespassing!” sign that he’s jury-rigged to also function as a controller button.

When it comes to movement, that’s the reason for ATwerkingYoshi’s DDR pad, which he uses to move the giant robot around. While there’s unfortunately no way for him to trigger Orisa’s ultimate with this setup, it’s still a creative way to play the game that many an Overwatch player might improve on at some point.

While the lack of an ultimate might be crippling for a chance like this, it’s still good for some sort of gimmick if you want to try it out.