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Which Games Do You Want On Nintendo Switch? Ubisoft Holding Surveys To Find Out

Nintendo Switch came out recently and it has rapidly become the best thing that Nintendo has ever put to market.

We have seen impressive sales numbers and seeing how it is not even the holiday season, Nintendo Switch will be getting even more success further down the line.

One thing that Nintendo Switch players will note is that besides Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a hand full of other titles, there aren’t really many titles to choose from.

This is a concern for users that have bought the device or are planning to buy the device in the near future.

Nintendo Switch

The success of any console greatly depends on the titles that are available on the platform. While the Nintendo Switch might have had a good release because of the new Zelda game, new titles will need to come out in order for the sales momentum to keep going.

As of right now there just aren’t enough games to justify buying the Nintendo Switch but partners like Ubisoft are working on finding out which games users want on the Nintendo Switch so that they can plan on making ports for the device.

Ubisoft is holding surveys in order to find out which games players would like to see on the hybrid console. These discussions will be held from April 5th-9th and June 21st-25th. Ubisoft is also offering up to $50 in credit to the people that will participate in this activity.

If you own a Switch and are interested in having your thoughts heard and being a part of the planning process for new games that might come out for the Nintendo Switch then be sure to participate in the upcoming surveys.

Nintendo Switch is a great product and Nintendo will need to bring 3rd party developers on board if they want to fill in the gaps between title launches as there aren’t too many at the moment.

Let us know what you think about the number of games available to play on the Switch.