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New Razer Cortex Feature Will Pay You for Playing Games

Good news for hardcore gamers out there. Now you will earn free rewards for playing games. Razer, the popular gaming hardware maker, has launched a new initiative called “paid to play” for Razer Cortex.

As the name suggests players will get rewards for playing their favourite games, still, there are some key points to keep in mind. These earnings won’t be in cash, obviously, they will be in Razer’s own digital currency.

Currency will be awarded for launching and playing the game through the company’s software called Razer Cortex.

Razer Cortex was launched in 2014 as a free to use gaming software, this software was designed to boost PC’s performance for a smoother intuitive gameplay experience. But that is not all, this software also enables the gamers to manage their game libraries and stream gameplay.

This software, however, has received some mixed reviews and its performance depends on the player’s PC gaming setup. The “paid to play” feature gives those players an opportunity that have been added in Razer Cortex’s latest update.

Razer will pay players with zSilver digital currency for each minute they play. it is basically a point like system, once you have installed Razer Cortex launch a widely popular game like DOTA, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch and start earning three zSilver coins pre minute.

The pay-out is however restricted to 900 zSilver coins per day, you can use these coins for product discount and item purchase. The company even introduced limited edition item like Razer Mug Holder which costs around 100,000 coins.

That would make the time it takes a player to earn these coins around, 111 days with an average gameplay of 5 hours, which is too much for a glowing cup holder.

Free stuff for just playing game sounds great, but these items have an awfully high price. Razer should throw down these prices a bit don’t you think?