Monolith Productions Talks About Middle-Earth Shadow of War And The Nemesis System Updates

Shadow of War is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, a game that we have learned to love ever since it came out. The nemesis system is what makes the game so unique. Shadow of War will be building on the same nemesis system and making it better than before.

From what we have seen so far, the new game will feature alliances and enemies, as well as fortresses which you can capture across Mordor. The game not only takes place inside Mordor but stretches out as well. We have seen some Gondorian soldiers in the trailer and we will find out more as the game comes closer to launch.

Shadow of War

According to Michael de Plater, Monolith’s vice president of creative:

The goal of (the nemesis system) was to make every single enemy you face unique and personal to each player, so they could create their own stories, rivalries or revenge missions with these personal enemies

You can set one of your followers to take command of the fortress and depending upon who you choose, your decision will affect the game. You will also need to keep your allies happy or they might betray you. You can also have spies behind enemy lines that will help you out when you are taking a fortress.

By taking fortresses in the game you will be able to increase your influence over Mordor and unlock new perks and skills in the game. We do not know much about them as of right now but from what we have seen so far in gameplay I have to say that I am hyped and interested in playing the game.

Shadow of War

According to Philip Straub, Monolith’s director of art:

“We certainly wanted to make sure we didn’t rest on our laurels with the nemesis system, and we wanted to make sure that we were going to push and evolve it to the next level. “Shadow of Mordor was our first foray into an open world game. The nemesis system was new and we had all of these new components… So I think our goals were to take that solid foundation and just really push on it from multiple axis.”

We have also seen dragons in gameplays and the trailer. This is another new addition to the game which is not related to the nemesis system but is worth mentioning here. You can take control of dragon, ride them and kill enemies from above. I would really like to see the protagonist fight the Nazgul, that would be very interesting indeed.

Shadow of War

“When we say procedurally generated, we are talking about a number of systems working together. You have the content and the way it evolves relative to your interactions. You also have the intelligence of the A.I. and what they have to say relative to your interactions. There are just a lot of components.”

Shadow of War will be coming out later this year and I for one am very excited about the game and if you were a fan of the previous game then you will surely enjoy the upcoming one as well.

Let us know what you think about Shadow of War.