Match History of Professional League of Legends Games Being Removed

Riot Games has confirmed that it will no longer be storing the match history of professional League of Legends games on its tournament servers.

According to InvenGlobal, the North American and European regions have already implemented the new change. South Korea is currently undergoing through the process and should also follow suit in the coming days. Since North America is always the first to receive a patch, its tournament servers were the first to change how information is stored.

The announcement comes just days after several League of Legends players were penalized by Riot Games for intentionally disconnecting from their professional games before they were concluded. Longzhu Gaming, Samsung Galaxy, and Afreeca Freecs have all been a part of this latest trend, something that the developer has stern rules against.

Kang “Cpt Jack” Hyung-woo, former AD Carry and current caster for League of Legends, explained that players intentionally disconnect just before a Nexus is destroyed out of habit.

When professional teams scrim against each other, they often experiment with different compositions and strategies for upcoming official games. There is a pact to not share any knowledge of those scrims with outside parties. Hence, both sides leave a game before completion so that the official League of Legends servers are unable to save the game.

Unfortunately, the habit has caused many players to do the same in official games as well.

With the new change, Riot Games is ensuring that players no longer have to be concerned with their compositions, runes, masteries, and such, getting into the wrong hands.

It should be noted that the information removal aspect is only for tournament servers on which official matches are played. The regular League of Legends client will remain as it is. Unless professionals play from their regular accounts, the public will no longer be able to stalk their matches.