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Mass Effect Andromeda Apex Mission is Out Now

Mass Effect Andromeda Apex mission “Drack’s Missing Scouts” is out now, this first Apex mission is available for free and expands the base game with more content.

This is the first of several story based missions for the game, the mission is available till 27 March so that makes it a limited time event. We only have four days before the content is lost in the digital realm for good so hurry up and grab it while you can.

In order to complete this mission you will need to complete some tasks, you will need to investigate the map “Fire Base Paradox and Kett threat.” Fight to gain more territory and built more colonies.

In addition to the new maps, you will also get a chance to try out a new character called “The Gladiator.” The character is a female krogan with biotic powers, she is the happiest when she is wielding her weapon of choice, a hammer.

Krogans are known for being tough already now combine with biotic powers, this new character The Gladiator will pack a even bigger punch. Unlike the usual online gameplay, Mass Effect Andromeda Apex Mission will provide you with a single player campaign with additional rewards.

Although the studio did not provide the exact details, but one thing is for certain, more missions will be coming out soon and hopefully they will include more weapons, characters, and maps as well.

It is good to see Mass Effect Andromeda getting an update almost every week and fixing most of its issues and now we can expect even more since they have started launching limited time events.

This shows that BioWare is giving its full focus to Mass Effect Andromeda, hopefully all of its issues will be fixed soon and we will get a better experience even in these more to come online missions.

There is an app available just for Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer, called “APEX Mission HQ.” Here you can customize your character, send your strike teams out, and see if your friends are online. This app is available on iOS and Android devices.