Hunter’s Legendary Quest Revealed, Hearthstone Gets Daily Login Rewards Soon

Merely hours ago, Blizzard revealed another batch of Hearthstone cards for the upcoming Journey to Un’Goro expansion pack.

Streaming live from the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Bahamas event, game designer Dean Ayala and streamer Brian Kibler unveiled the new Legendary Quest for the Hunter class.

The Marsh Queen will task players to play seven minions that cost a single mana crystal. The reward will be Queen Carnassa, a 5-mana Legendary beast card with 8/8 attack/defense properties. Her Battlecry shuffles 15 Raptors, called Carnassa’s Brood, into the player’s deck. Each one features the Battlecry to draw another Raptor once played.

The new Legendary Quest looks to be a perfect fit for aggro decks, with Hunters quickly filling the board with 1-mana minions and then summoning the Queen to wreak havoc. If the opponent manages to put up a successful defense against the initial swarm of minions, the herd of Raptors afterwards will finish up the job.

Hunters who are able to complete the quest and summon Queen Carnassa will find it very easy to fill the board completely with her Brood. Here is how that will work:

During the stream, Blizzard also announced that it would soon be activating daily login rewards for Hearthstone until the release of Journey to Un’Goro. One of the rewards for logging in daily will be a gold version of Volcanosaur, a Rare neutral beast that packs Adapt.

Adapt is a new gameplay mechanic that will be added to the game once the expansion is out. It allows players to choose from one of three options to modify a card before placing it on the board. There will be a total of ten different Adaptations, and it is possible that Blizzard may add new ones later on. Some of these random attributes include Charge, Taunt, Divine Shield, Windfury, Deathrattles, attack damage and other buffs.

Journey to Un’Goro is scheduled to release early next month. According to a listing by Amazon, it should be in the first week of April.