Fan Leads Friendly Banter Between Blizzard’s Overwatch and Hearthstone Twitter Accounts

Yesterday, a fan proposed a friendly question on Twitter to help decide between playing either Overwatch or Hearthstone. The conversation led Blizzard’s official Twitter accounts to indulge in a friendly banter as they both tried to convince the fan to side with the better option.

Hearthstone went first, stating it to be the obvious choice in the situation.

Overwatch responded by urging the fan to ignore the free-to-play card game as placement matches beckon.

A woeful StarCraft joined the conversation, asking rather meekly as to why it cannot be the obvious choice.

Overwatch acknowledged its valiant efforts at Photoshop.

The response left StarCraft contented.

Even Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch, joined the fray to remind everyone that he gets paid either way.

Diablo III appeared to be still caught up with the new changes it introduced in the latest patch. The only reason for it to be missing from this banter is because it is busy preparing itself to commence with the new season next week.

So who managed to convince the fan in the end? Unfortunately, we couldn’t find his response but we’d like to think that he was able to complete his Overwatch placement matches as well as a few Arena games in Hearthstone.