Popular Diablo III TurboHUD Mod Goes Down Days After Blizzard’s Lawsuit

TurboHUD, a popular mod used by majority of active Diablo III players, went offline earlier this week in a rather mysterious fashion.

Posting on Reddit, its creator KillerJohn confirmed that he received no prior notice from Blizzard or any other official channels to cease and desist. This includes his web hosting, which deleted the TurboHUD forum from its servers without offering any explanation in advance.

For the time being, it remains to be confirmed as to who was responsible for the take-down since neither Blizzard nor the web hosting company is responding to John’s queries. However, it is strongly speculated that the move was initiated by Blizzard.

TurboHUD is basically an add-on, much similar to those available for World of Warcraft, that provided a ton of information on-screen for Diablo III players to take advantage of.

This included a damage meter, more visually precise cooldown meter for each ability, helpful cues for combat, health and mana numbers that were always visible, flags to mark items in inventory, and better comparisons between different items.

Those are just a few main highlights of the mod, offering much more to players. This also draws a thin line that divides the community. Besides the helpful UI features, TurboHUD also helped in other aspects that many consider to be cheating. Players would be able to see through the fog of war, and points of interest before they showed up in the line of sight.

The deletion of TurboHUD took place just days after Blizzard successfully filed a motion with the German court for a default judgement against a major bot and cheat developer over its continuous noncompliance. After years of legal battles, the video game developer and publisher was finally able to bring down Bossland, a premium platform that offers a wide range of cheats, hacks, and bots.

Blizzard is seeking $8.5 million, based on an estimated minimum of at least 42,818 violations against the company’s terms of services and a minimum statutory copyright damage of $200 per infringement.

It is only logical to assume that Blizzard was behind the deletion of TurboHUD. However, it is curious that the company allegedly decided against sending a notice to the mod’s creator. In that light, there is also a notion that John himself took down his mod in order to be safe of any legal persecution.

For the time being, John has decided to not upload TurboHUD to any other hosting until he is aware of who took down his mod in the first place and why.