What Destiny 2 Needs to do to Be Successful on PC?

Destiny 2 leaked yesterday thanks to an Italian retailer who spoiled Activision’s announcement. To add fuel to the fire, a source later confirmed that the leak was accurate and that the game is also coming to PC this time around.

The first game was exclusive to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Fans wanted a PC version but it never happened, now that a credible source has confirmed its arrival on Windows, the community must be excited. However, Activision needs to play its cards right if it wants to grab the PC market share.

In terms of its gameplay and concept Destiny is a decent game. But in order to be successful on PC Activision needs to be very careful with its monetization strategy. There are not many games that are as aggressive as Destiny with their DLC and expansions packs.

The entire storyline was inside the expansions while the base game felt empty and weak. Such a project can not succeed on PC as the players have a lower threshold for tolerance.

The base game needs to be packed with content if Activision wants to charge full price and expects PC gamers to keep spending more money on PC.

The game is expected to be announced at E3 2017 but there are rumors saying that Activision will do the honors in the coming days. If that is the case, Sony will definitely be showing more of the game during its event in June.

Destiny 2 is rumored to be set for release this September.

Do you think Destiny 2 can do well on PC with a more consumer friendly expansion plans?