CFN Completely Rebuilt for Street Fighter V, PC Beta Begins Soon

The Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to address the “most pressing issues” faced by Street Fighter V.

According to an announcement made last night on Capcom Unity, the brand new online infrastructure should result in a better experience for the fighting game community. Besides stability and reliability, the overhauled CFN also features faster loading times in-between matches.

In order to ensure an optimized launch, Capcom will be conducting an exclusive beta testing session next week to collect data for further improvements. The beta will be limited to PC and during this time Street Fighter V will go free-to-play for both current and new players on Steam.

Testing will begin on March 28 and last until April 3, featuring only Online Modes in Street Fighter V. However, Capcom will be unlocking all characters for the public, including the most latest roster addition of Kolin.

It should be noted that the “beta is entirely separate from the base PC client but players’ current CFN username, rank, standing and other details will carry over to the beta client.” Any progress made during the beta will not carry forward to the main game once testing concludes. All progress, data, replays, Fight Money earned will be deleted at the end.

The following is a list of all the featured healthy updates made to the network, with possibly more to follow later on:

  • Rage quit penalty system and icons now work properly.
  • Shorter load times for ranked and casual matches.
  • Battle lounge country flags will now properly load.
  • Training mode user settings will now be saved for the next time the player enters training mode.
  • The matchmaking has been improved so that it takes less time to find an opponent and for repeat opponents to be less frequent.
  • More details will be noted in your Fighter Profile Stats.
  • It will be possible to filter leaderboards based on country or league.
  • The ability to add friends and follow them in the CFN. It will also be possible to blacklist players.
  • An interactive timeline will allow you to keep up with friend activities. Can easily add recent matches to replay list, view a fighter profile, manage friends, and adjust the timeline display settings
  • An in-game announcer voice will give you stats on both you and your opponent using data pulled from the server.

“We understand that Street Fighter V server performance has been a less than optimal experience for many of our players,” acknowledged Capcom. The developer is confident that the new CFN will usher a new beginning for players.

It was in January when Capcom revealed that it was working to improve its online network. Hopefully, the number of complaints that we see on a regular basis from the Street Fighter V community will slow down once the Spring Update goes live.