Reminder: Asking for Reports Can Get You Punished in League of Legends

The reporting system in League of Legends is designed to punish players for various offenses but a particular aspect remains ambiguous.

Posting on the official forums, a community member asked Riot Games to provide clarity over two points:

  • Is the act of calling out reports punishable?
  • Is one report enough against a player or do multiple reports help matter?

It is a common occurrence in League of Legends for players to call out others to report a particular individual for failure to perform. Responding to the question, community specialist Riot Husker confirmed that the act is indeed punishable.

“It is a form of bullying and as such is against the summoner code,” he explained. “It should always be a personal decision for each player as to whether or not they feel another player warrants a report.”

As for the second question, the developer refrained from going into details as that would be revealing how exactly the reporting system works. However, he did advise that players should not feel pressured into reporting a player just because others are calling out to do so.

“What’s important is that if you feel a player truly deserves to be reported, that you do so,” he added.

While every report counts, the system is designed in a specific manner to not be fooled into awarding punishments just because a group of players decided to target someone in particular. Various elements are taken into consideration, both past and present, to finalize a verdict.

The notion was shared by senior software engineer Riot Tantram who explicitly confirmed that multiple reports do not increase the likelihood of flagging a game for review.

“One report is all it takes,” he responded. “There is no benefit to asking for others to report a player.”

“As always, the report system is a continually in development and will continue to evolve to be as useful as possible,” concluded Riot Games.

Recently, Blizzard revamped the reporting system in Overwatch to include more details. Additional categories were added, and each comes with a brief overview to discourage players from submitted false reports. It’s high time that Riot Games followed suit.