Phil Spencer Answers Fans Question About Xbox, Talks About an Upcoming Game

Today Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer responded to fans on twitter about the Xbox One game attach rate.

He mentioned that the game attach rate is “great” and repeated that there is no problem with it at all

Game attach on XB1 is great, Xbox customers are buying games, DLC etc. Usage is high etc. No problem at all with attach rate.

He also mentioned that first party titles are very critical to the future of Xbox and for the launch of the new console code-named Scorpio. He appreciated partnering up with a third party publishers but he expressed his concern about gamers that care too much about marketing deals with a certain game.

As an answer to the question, Would you like to see the Call of Duty marketing returned?

He replied

I appreciate partnering with 3Ps but I’ve never really understood why a gamer cares who has a marketing deal with a 3P game.

Phil Spencer also gave an extra bonus and told fans that one of his favourite Xbox game is coming in the next few weeks.

One of my most anticipated is coming in the next few weeks, some good ones tee’d up. no comment on BO2

Which one would be Phil Spencer’s most favourite Xbox game? If we can break it down we might be able to at least extract some information from these tweets.

In one of his old interviews in Xbox: The Official Magazine, when asked to pick his 6 most favourite games from Xbox history.

He picked Crimson Skies for its unique story telling, MechAssault in terms of modes and customization, Gears of War 1 for its high definition, Phantom Dust because its mechanics were ahead of its time, Ori and the Blind Forest from an audio, visual and framerate standpoint and finally Steel Battalion for how over the top it was.

The new game could very well be Phantom Dust as it’s expected to come out before E3 2017.