Phantom Dust File Size Has Been Doubled Due To Uncompressed Cinematics

Phantom Dust remaster will launch for Xbox One before E3 2017, however, fans are still worried as the game still has no release date yet. However, the developers are working to release Phantom Dust on its promised released window and has shared some interesting development on the game.

Just recently, devs announced that the game will be almost 4 GB in size and now they have announced that it will be around 8 GB due to cinematics.

Microsoft’s Creative Director, Adam Isgreen, Tweeted that they have discovered the uncompressed versions of all the cinematics for Phantom Dust which is the reason they have doubled the size of game files.

Remember when I said #PhantomDust was ~4GB? It's ~8GB now. Why? We found non-compressed versions of all the cinematics! Upgraded FTW!

— Adam Isgreen (@Ishmae1) March 22, 2017

In another tweet, he also confirmed that Phantom Dust will use the original Japanese box cover imagery.

.@untakensn Yes. Using the original (Japanese) box cover imagery too.— Adam Isgreen (@Ishmae1) March 21, 2017

Phantom Dust remaster is an action-strategy video game in development at Code Mystics and is expected to launch before this year’s E3 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.