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Report: Nintendo has Fixed Switch’s Joy-Con Hardware Issues

Nintendo has given an update on Switch’s Joy-Con connection issue blaming it on the manufacturers.

Even before its launch Nintendo Switch’s Hardware failure was reported on several media outlets, players complained that the left Joy-Con stopped working in docked mode.

Nintendo refused these claims and stated that, they are not facing any “widespread technical problems” with the Switch.

But when such a thing happened to CNET writer Sean Hollister:

He called Nintendo to report the connection issue. He got through to the support agent and she only spend a few minutes verifying that the error was indeed in the hardware.

After giving his serial number Hollister got his Joy-Con repaired for free in just a few weeks. It worked perfectly afterwards, Hollister uncovered the fix to be a piece of black foam attached to the lower right corner of the Joy-Con.

After doing some research on the piece of foam either if it kept Switch’s Joy-Con from interference or kept other parts from touching.

Hollister states

“I even tried removing the foam, and sure enough: The controller stops working properly when it’s not there. Seems like an open-and-shut case,”

He even bought a new Joy-Con from Amazon to see if it worked perfectly without the foam, He then speculated

“Maybe Nintendo has already modified its manufacturing process, and that the differently labelled Joy-Cons–the Amazon batch–rolling off the assembly line don’t have the de-sync issue,”

Well for players who are also facing some connection issues with Switch’s Joy-Con, Nintendo has a support section on their page that will tell you what to do if your Joy-Con stops responding.

According to Nintendo Joy-Con stops responding when exposed to electronic waves and due to some external physical interference. So consult the official site if you face any problem, don’t be an Engineer by yourself.