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Next Street Fighter V Update Will Restore Ryu’s Strength, Here’s How

Ryu was one of the most popular characters during the first season of Street Fighter V, at both amateur and professional levels of play.

However, the wandering warrior soon fell off the tier list once Capcom began patching the game in preparation for the second season. A number of changes, much to the disappointment of the fighting game community, robbed Ryu of his offensive capabilities. In the present state of the game, it is not hard to look down upon Ryu since there are far better characters to choose from.

However, all of that might change when Capcom unleashes a new balance update for Street Fighter V next month. In a new video, VesperArcade explains exactly how the developer is improving the character.

Ryu’s Standing Light Kick, for one, is being granted more range. Previously, the character was gutted by reducing the hit-boxes of his light attacks. This posed a great problem for Ryu as he can no longer trade efficiently against most characters. Thanks to the extended range, Ryu will once again be able to confirm his light attacks into combo strings for sustained damage.

The question, of course, is whether the upcoming changes will be enough to bring Ryu back in the top standings of the game’s tier list. Many community members believe that the changes, while healthy, will still not be able to do so. Ryu is expected to be mid-tier at best, though professional players always have the potential to make characters work for themselves.

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, the most storied player in the fighting game community, was recently reported to have dropped Ryu for Guile after a string of defeats. While a followup clarified that he never stated so, the fact remains that Ryu is in dire need of attention from the developer.