Caution! League of Legends PBE Update Resets Katarina’s Ult on Kill

Besides revealing God Fist Lee Sin and Dreadnova Darius, the latest League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) update brought other surprises as well.

Riot Games is considering to reduce the cooldown duration of Katarina’s Death Lotus (R) to just 15 seconds at level 3. Her Voracity (Passive) already reduces the cooldown duration for all of her abilities by the same amount of time upon every kill. With the new numbers, Katarina can basically get a full reset upon every kill.

Previously, the cooldown duration was 45 seconds. Katarina had to get at least two kills before becoming a flurry of blades again. It is possible that there will be more changes to her kit to balance out an ever-spamming Katarina in the mid-lane. We’ll know for sure in the coming days.


  • Death Lotus (R) Cooldown: 90/60/45 ⇒ 135/75/15

Riot Games is also considering to reduce the cooldown duration of Lux’s ultimate ability as well. Final Spark (R) now has a new effect that reduces the cooldown by a significant margin if the ability successfully kills an enemy champion. When maxed out, a kill will refund half of the ability’s cooldown.

Without any cooldown reduction items, Lux has to wait 50 seconds by default before she can fire her mega-laser again. Just her core starting items are enough to drag that amount down to nearly 35 seconds. If the new changes reach the live servers of League of Legends, a skirmish during mid-game would allow Lux to wait about 15 seconds or less before recharging. For longer fights, she could potentially fire away more than a couple of times.


  • [New] Final Spark (R): If Final Spark kills an enemy champion, 30/40/50% of its cooldown is refunded.

Finally, Kassadin is receiving slight improvements to his damage numbers. The cooldown duration of Force Pulse (E) is being lowered by a couple of seconds and the Ability Power (AP) ratios on Riftwalk (R) are being increased for more punch.


  • [Fix] Nether Blade (W): Fixed a bug which would allow W-empowered attacks to be cancelled during their windup against targets that had moved out of range after the attack had started.
  • Force Pulse (E) Cooldown: 6 ⇒ 4
  • Riftwalk (R) AP Ratio: 20% ⇒ 30%