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This Week’s Hearthstone Brawl Rewards Free Journey to Un’Goro Card Pack

The Hearthstone community is being given a valuable opportunity to gain a free Journey to Un’Goro card pack by preparing the city of Stormwind for a party.

“Decorating Stormwind” is confirmed to be returning this week as the new Tavern Brawl for the game. As the name suggests, players must send in their minions to decorate the city. Besides the free card pack, players will also be able to register a high score for the brawl.

It should be noted that unlike most brawls, players will be fighting against an enemy AI and not other human opponents. In addition, the card pack can only be opened when Journey to Un’Goro releases early next month. Until then, the sealed card pack will be stored inside your collection.

Operation Decorating Stormwind will begin by players choosing a class and building their decks to take on the city. Make sure to include Acidic Swamp Ooze because Stormwind has its own weapon. “Party Armory” gains +1 attack on every turn. When destroyed, it will return in the next turn and gain attack value quicker until it reaches the same value it had when it was destroyed. That being said, the city will never attack the player directly with the weapon.

The goal of the brawl is to decorate the city by attacking its face. Damage given to the city gives it more health, which also contributes to your high score. To win the brawl, a total of 29 damage must be inflicted.

The following minions stand in your way:

  • Happy Partygoer: Battlecry: Gain Health equal to Stormwind’s Attack. (Taunt)
  • Ornery Partygoer: Battlecry: Gain Attack and Health equal to Stormwind’s Attack.
  • Party Banner: Adjacent minions have +2 Attack.

Last week, the developer announced that it would be increasing the pricing of Hearthstone purchases for Europe later this month. However, the increased pricing will not affect the pre-orders of Journey to Un’Goro. It should be noted that once the expansion is released, its pricing will be updated in the store to reflect the new changes.