Gran Turismo Creator: Gaming Is A “True Sport” And We Will Be At The Forefront

Gran Turismo will launch sometime later this year and fans of the franchise are excited about the game. Now, Gran Turismo creator has said that gaming should be considered a “true sport”.

Speaking with at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, Gran Turismo racing simulator series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, said that gaming “deserves” to be considered as a true sport and developer Polyphony Digital will be at the forefront of this shift.

And we are excited to partner for this official FIA world championship because gaming deserves that. It’s a true sport, it deserves to be treated like a true motorsport and we want to be at the forefront of that.

Developer Polyphony Digital has announced the PSVR support for the upcoming Gran Turismo but the game will not be fully playable in VR.

Polyphony Digital President Kazanori Yamauchi has confirmed that the game will not be fully playable in VR and will have VR Tour game mode instead. This means that players will probably not be able to race with the VR headset plugged in.

Also, an online retailer has apparently leaked the release date for the game. According to the listing on a Finnish retailer by the name of Puolenkuun Pelit, the upcoming Gran Turismo will launch on April 20, 2017.

Gran Turismo Sport is an upcoming racing video game in development at Polyphony Digital and will launch sometime in 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.