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EKWB Rotary Terminal For GPU Blocks Makes Liquid Cooling Much Easier

EKWB is well known in the PC world for making water blocks for GPUs. Previously the company introduced multiple RGB compatible GPU water blocks but the EKWB rotary terminal is something different and very useful.

Liquid cooling can be very difficult especially if you are using hard tubing. This will require you to plan ahead and figure out all the bends and lengths of the tube. While this is a difficult and time-consuming process I have to say that the end result is worth it from an aesthetic point of view as flexible tubes do not look as good as hard tubes.

EKWB rotary terminal

EKWB rotary terminal  allows for less planning as the attachment points can move 90 degrees and you can either fix a tube horizontally or vertically depending on what you want to do. The EKWB rotary terminal  is black so it will blend in with almost any build theme.

If you are someone who likes liquid cooling then you should consider getting one of these in order to make the time consumer process a little easier. If you are going with flexible tubing then with this EKWB rotary terminal things should be a walk in the park.

The EKWB rotary terminal works fine with all modern GPU blocks that the company has to offer except the original CSQ design. The EKWB rotary terminal is available for 24.95 Euros which is not cheap but then again water cooling is not for everyone and it is something only for PC enthusiasts and overclockers.

EKWB rotary terminal

I doubt that the average consumer with mid-level PC hardware will even need liquid cooling to start with and should be fine with running hardware on air. There are hybrid GPUs available on the market as well but those too are for enthusiasts and they are not cheap either.

Let us know what you think about the EKWB rotary terminal and whether or not you are going to be getting one of these for your next liquid cooled build.