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Diablo III Pets Need to Do More Than Just Pick Gold

It was almost three years after the release of Diablo III that Blizzard finally taught pets to pick up surrounding gold for players. Even that improvement came to fruition after the idea was suggested by community members. In the time since then, more feedback has been provided to further improve the condition of pets in the game. Hopefully, someone at Blizzard is reading this one.

Pets were originally intended to accompany players as cosmetic companions. It has been asked often as to why Blizzard refrains from allowing pets to pick up other items besides gold. Perhaps it has to do with how players must manually manage their inventories. However, the recent introduction of a new tab that holds crafting materials makes it more evident that there is no reason to hold pets back.

At the very least, pets in Diablo III should be given the freedom to pick up gold and crafting materials. While the most optimal change would be for pets to pick up everything, let’s not forget that players tend to walk past most low-tier or trash items. No one wants to head back regularly just to clean out a filled inventory. In that light, the future will hopefully see Blizzard adding another inventory tab to hold gems as well.

Another valuable suggestion from the community is to add a new NPC in the game which allows players to train their pets to do certain acts. The easy approach of amassing gold in Diablo III makes the currency almost insignificant. A “Pet Trainer” will only add another way for players to sink their piles of gold.

Patch 2.5.0 was released a couple of days back, an entire week earlier for Diablo III. Among many changes, it introduces a new tier of Ancient Legendary items for dedicated players to grind for. Besides boasting the highest numbers in the game, Primal Ancients feature “perfectly rolled” affixes. You can head here to get a complete overview on Season 10.