Destiny 2 PC Release Confirmed, Earlier Poster Leak is Accurate

Destiny 2 PC is happening and the earlier poster leak is accurate. Bungie is yet to confirm this but if there is one other source we can trust, it is Jason Schreier from Kotaku.

He is a renowned mainstream gaming journalist who leaked 3 Assassin’s Creed games including Unity Syndicate and this year’s Empire. It is safe to say that his credibility is unmatched.

He did a story earlier regarding Destiny 2’s leaked poster and while most of us were understandably skeptical, Jason is not.

He confirmed that Destiny 2’s leaked poster is not fake and the game is coming to PC as well. Moreover, Destiny 2 will be announced sometime later today. This means that we should keep an eye on official Bungie and Activision social platforms.

Destiny 2 being on PC means Bungie is going after a whole new market. The first game was on consoles and never made it to PC, a massive gaming platform. This is a whole new ball game and Activision would need to be very careful with its monetization plans.

It would be hard to attract PC gamers if the base game is empty and the publisher is trying to bank on a steady follow of premium expansions.

The poster, which can be seen here, was leaked by an Italian retailer. Destiny 2 will be more ragged and raw if the poster is any indication. The goofy element could very well be toned down a little, which won’t be anyone’s loss.

Are you excited to know about Destiny 2 PC? Are you willing to bet on Jason? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku