Xbox Server Issues Are Making It Hard To Sign In, Purchase Games Along With Other Issues

Numerous Xbox gamers are experiencing a variety of issues with Xbox Live that is making it difficult for gamers to sign in or purchase games off of the Xbox Store, along with a number of other problems. Microsoft services like Outlook, Skype, and the Windows Store are also experiencing issues.

Apparently the problems started around 1:43 Eastern Time today, and is currently only allowing limited access to the functions described above.

Signing in, making purchases, using codes, and downloading items are all experiencing issues, along with the other Microsoft products listed above, and Xbox apps on smartphones.

Perhaps not coincidentally, today is also the date that Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC after years of anticipation.

But whether this server slowdown is just the result of thousands of people rushing to buy the game digitally, or some sort of coordinated hack intended to annoy people like many other times this has happened, remains to be seen.

Hopefully Microsoft can quickly fix the issues that are currently facing Xbox gamers so that they can get back to gaming. Normally these outages don’t last too long for Microsoft, so hopefully by later today or tomorrow Xbox Live will be running smoothly again.

In the meantime, players will likely have to just play games that they already have downloaded onto their Xbox, if they can sign in, or go off and try to do something else that doesn’t involve making use of other Microsoft applications.

Hopefully, once Xbox Live is running properly again, Mass Effect fans that have been waiting for Mass Effect Andromeda to release for a long time will be able to buy the game and play it. They can also form their own opinions considering the game’s rather controversial gameplay showings and reviews from earlier this month.