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You Can Now Bet on Rocket League, But Devs Are Not Happy

Rocket League’s popularity grows day by day, and now the game is about to enter the eSports’ world. An online betting platform called Unikrn knows it, and has stated that users will be able to gamble on the racing sports video game.

However, Psyonix – the development team of Rocket League – is not happy, as they’ve claimed via web that they don’t support betting for their games.

“Psyonix is not affiliated with Unikrn, nor do we support or endorse online betting for our game.”

Probably the studio doesn’t want bets to ruin their game, just like happened to Valve with CS: GO, and it’s no surprise to us.

But Unikrn, it seems, doesn’t care. CEO Rahul Sood has said during an interview with Gamespot that they don’t work with Psyonix, and they will keep creating odds for Rocket League.

“We are not in any way associated with the publishers of Rocket League. However, we love the game, and like other titles in our sportsbook, we create odds and content on the pro matches and their top tier tournaments.”

What will happen then? Only time will tell.

Rocket League portable is just a dream right now, but there’s still hope.

A Psyonix employee has stated that the studio is not sure that the game will be released for Switch at the moment, but they haven’t ruled it out.

Surely, Rocket League will help Nintendo Switch’s sales to grow a lot, also creating an active group of gamers.

Rocket League is a sports video game developed by Psyonix for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and it was the most downloaded PS4 title in 2016.