Rift Herald Might Be Removed From League of Legends

Over a year after its inclusion, the Rift Herald is still trying to find a prominent place in the ever-changing meta of League of Legends.

The Rift Herald is a powerful neutral monster that can be found on the Summoner’s Rift early in a game. It is melee and resilient to ranged attacks. Upon death, it drops a relic that can be picked up by one member of the team that slayed it. The relic grants “Glimpse of the Void” to the wielder, greatly enhancing combat abilities when no allies are nearby. The buff is basically a mini-version of the aura attained after slaying Baron Nashor.

When Riot Games brought the Rift Herald to League of Legends, its intention was to provide an additional early-game buff that both teams would contest for. However, seldom do we see teams planning ahead to take down the mutated Scuttler. The bonus damage reduction and enhanced magic damage on basic attacks rarely impact the outcome of a match.

On the other hand, taking down dragons is more advantageous in comparison because of the benefits shared between teams. There is simply no reason to risk counter-play while hacking away at the Herald early in a match.

Posting on the official forums this week, Riot Games confirmed that it is considering to either change the Rift Herald or remove it entirely from League of Legends.

“I expect we’ll rework or remove RH this year sometime still,” said lead champion designer Riot Meddler. “Removal would only happen if we didn’t find a rework approach that worked.”

The Rift Herald has received multiple changes over time. Most recently, the developer decreased the spawn time duration of the neutral monster. However, the changes have failed to make the objective attractive enough for teams to make it a priority.

At this point, there is point of having the Rift Herald in League of Legends. Riot Games would put it out of its misery and replace it with something better. Perhaps a new objective for junglers would be more pleasing.