Modders Bringing Red Dead Redemption Maps To GTA V PC

White Team, a group of modders, is currently working on an ambitious project related to both Red Dead Redemption and GTA V PC.

What they are trying to do, basically, is bringing the map of Red Dead to Grand Theft Auto PC. It’s a very though process and it’s no wonder the team has been working on the project for 7 years.

The mod – whose size is 2GB – is scheduled to release this Summer, alongside multiplayer support and some unannounced features that will make players enjoy their time. A beta and a trailer for “Red Dead GTA” are also going to be released soon, but in the meantime you can look at the screenshots we’ve posted below.

However, Rockstar is now working on Red Dead Redemption 2. Even if we don’t have many clues on its plot, fans on the net are suggesting it will be a prequel.

Everything started when some people have found a Rockstar document related to the motion capture of Dutch, a Red Dead Redemption 1 character that has died at the end of the game. Well, since he’s dead, the presence of a capture for him is a legit proof that the game will be a prequel, but let’s go deeper into the question.

This document has made fans go crazy. They’ve started looking for more information, and what they’ve found is that the narrator of the game’s trailer has liked a YouTube video discussing the prequel theory.

This is not an official confirmation, it’s pretty clear, but we are sure that Rockstar is hiding something interesting.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world action-adventure videogame developed by Rockstar Games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will release this fall.