Following Outlast 2 Denied Classification Australian Senator Criticizes Classification Board

Outlast 2 will not be released in Austrailia as the Classification board has denied the classification of the game due to depiction of violence and sex. However, one Australian senator is not too happy about the strict rules for video games.

Australian Liberal Democratic Party Senator David Leyonhjelm criticized the Australian Classification Board saying that all of this “operates on the false assumption”.

This video game takes place in a fantasy world involving all kinds of creatures both human and non-human. The mere suggestion of an out-of-screen encounter between a creature and a human character was enough to get it banned altogether by the Australian Classification Board.

All of this operates on the false assumption that people who play video games are impressionable children who would play out anything they saw.

He also criticized the government for such strict rules and said that the board should leave “video gamers alone”.

Prime Minister Turnbull claims to have an innovation agenda, but every signal we send to the gaming community in this country is of censorship, disapproval and discouragement.

Video games do not hurt anybody, and the Government and Classification Board should leave video gamers alone.

Red Barrels President, Philippe Morin, confirmed that Outlast 2 will be playable on PlayStation 4 Pro, and the upcoming horror survival games will be taking full advantage of the extra power of the console.

Yes it will. It will have higher shadow quality, higher quality texture filtering and more detailed meshes. That’s what we have so far, but we’re still working on some improvements.

Outlast 2 is an upcoming horror survival game in development at Red Barrels Studio and will launch on April 25, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN