Nintendo Asked Cyanogen To Develop Nintendo Switch OS But They Apparently Refused

Nintendo in early days approached Android software company Cyanogen and asked them to develop an OS for the recently released Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s new hybrid console presently runs a custom Nintendo operating system, but an Android OS for the Switch was suggested by the company executives.

Cyanogen’s executive chairman, Kirt McMaster, said in some recent Tweets that he was asked to help develop an operating system for a “certain portable”, an offer which he ‘kindly’ turned down.

McMaster’s initial tweet was unfortunately deleted, but he tweeted yesterday:

Kirt McMaster (@kynprime) March 21, 2017
In the early days of cyanogen Nintendo wanted us to create an OS for a certain portable. I told them to stick it.

In a follow-up tweet, McMaster stated that the Switch is mostly using custom kernel, while bits of Android were also used.

The Nintendo Switch is available world wide now, and the recent sales figures indicate that Nintendo Switch is doing quite well. According to retailer GameStop, the Switch could very well “eclipse” Nintendo’s bestselling console to date, the Wii.

It would have been quite interesting to see Nintendo Switch run on the most popular OS on the mobile market.

Nintendo is considered to be one of Japan’s gaming giants and its most recent console Nintendo Switch has been a huge success throughout the world, the ability to not to be confined in a room and to be able to play on the go, this is what spiked the sales of this console so much.

Its graphics are better than other portable consoles, the Nintendo Switch’s screen look beautiful even at 720p. However things get a little bit dull from a few feet away, Screen is a bit too small to be used as a small TV which makes it difficult to use for couch co-op.

Let’s wait and see if Nintendo Switch can continue its success or will it too diminish like the Wii in the near future.

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