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New Recon Tech-Series Game Controllers Coming To Xbox One

Microsoft is coming out with a new variety of Xbox One controller, known as the Recon Tech Special Edition (Recon Tech-Series).

So, if you’ve never gotten Recon armor playing Halo, you can at least get a Recon controller to play your games with. The controllers will cost $69.99, and are coming April 25.

The Recon Tech controller comes with a diamond-patterned rubber backing for increased comfort for your hands while gaming, a laser-etched texture on its front, and improved wireless range that also comes with Bluetooth support.

While it’s not the Xbox One Elite Controller, the 150 dollar beast that is seen as one of the best controllers that the Xbox currently has on the market, it still looks like a solid controller (to say nothing of it being eighty dollars cheaper than the Elite).

Larry Hyrb, the Xbox director of programming, said that Microsoft was inspired to make the controller by various military and science-fiction equipment concepts and technology.

Considering the front textures and the various ways that the controller’s design has been changed to become more angular, the design inspiration can definitely be seen.

In addition to the new controller, a new Xbox One update will be coming out later this year.

The update will include a “Copilot” feature to help people with disabilities play games. This allows two controllers to act as one, so if a player has some form of disability that prevents them from being able to effectively use a hand, they can use the Copilot feature to play with a friend on a different gamepad.

The Recon Tech Xbox One controller will be coming out on April 25, next month. If you want a new controller to play the Xbox with, and the Recon Tech looks good to you, you should start saving up to buy one or two now.