Mass Effect Andromeda Animations and Customization To Be Fixed; BioWare

Mass Effect Andromeda animations and customizations are problematic and in dire need of a fix. The community has been vocal about it and Bioware’s ears are open.

According to one of the developers involved with the game, they are working on patches to fix Mass Effect Andromeda animations and customizations among other problems. However, they have nothing to share at this time. No details about the patch, nor the exact fixes are revealed for now.

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In regards to the character customizations, the developer is looking into options to improve this feature. But they are not in a position to promise anything for the time being.


PlayStation 4 Pro version is also a problem for Mass Effect Andromeda players as well as the developers. There is noticeable input lag but the good news is that Bioware is aware of this too.


Andromeda is not is a good shape right now so it would need a handful of updates to fix most of its issues. For now, it is best to wait before you spend your money on the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.