League of Legends Patch 7.6 Finally Adds Highly Requested Client Feature

Patch 7.6 brings another round of healthy improvements for the new League of Legends client, particularly adding a highly requested feature.

It is undeniably a habit for every League of Legends player to go through the profiles of those they played with right after a match concludes. The notion is to know compare their ranked ratings, or go through their Runes and Mastery pages.

This was a rather simple process in the old client. However, the new platform made it cumbersome by forcing everyone to manually search for the players in order to open up their profiles. You would pray for easier names, else good luck trying to memorize them in one go.

“Clicking on the summoner name of “recently played with” players in the “Add Friend” interface will now take you to their profile,” reads the patch notes. Riot Games has finally heard our plea.

Elsewhere, the Low-Spec or Potato Mode has been improved to churn out better performance on decrepit systems. Previously, there were reports that many players were facing performance and technical issues on the new client when running the mode. With Patch 7.6, the client is killed when a player enters a game through the mode. The feature is for everyone for the time being but in the future will be available as optional.

“There’s still some work to be done here, but we think enabling Low-Spec Mode will solve most performance issues for players having trouble running the updated client,” assures the developer.

Other fixes included in the patch notes are as follows:

  • We’ve improved the performance of the chat module in champ select, eliminating bugs that were causing lock-ups.
  • When using Low-Spec Mode, mastery pages should now work more smoothly in both champ select and the collection.
  • We rebuilt the ready-check process to improve stability and responsiveness.
  • Interactions with the champ select grid are now smoother—including hover, click, and open/close actions.
  • Clicking on the summoner name of “recently played with” players in the “Add Friend” interface will now take you to their profile.
  • You can now right-click friends in the conversation chat panel to invite them to your game, view their profile, or spectate their match.