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League of Legends PBE Makes It Clear, Kneel Before God Fist Lee Sin

The League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) was updated last night to give us our first look at God Fist Lee Sin.

The Blind Monk’s ascension to godhood shows right through his character model, covered in divine markings that are imbued with power. The opening of his third eye means that there is no longer need of covering his eyes.

On the cusp of godhood, God Fist Lee Sin seeks a challenge that will finally push him into ascension. His quest for a final battle has proven fruitless so far, but maybe Summoner’s Rift can provide him with a worthy opponent.

God Fist Lee Sin is a legendary skin for the League of Legends champion and will be priced at 1820 RP. He features an all-new model and textures, with new special effects and animations for all of his abilities. Riot Games is also throwing in new voice lines to match his powerful attacks.

In addition, God Fist Lee Sin comes with new varying auto-attacks that finds the monk alternating between fists of fury and lightning kicks. This is probably the only time when a legendary skin is being released alongside a matching ward that is designed to interact with the champion. Hopping to his new ward will trigger a special animation.

Despite multiple changes to the meta and damage imposed by nerf-cannons, Lee Sin has remained as a popular pick in the jungle all these years. He is one of few champions in the game that boast an incredibly steep learning curve. It is not easy to play as the Blind Monk, and even more harder to perfect his style of play.

The introduction of his new legendary skin only means that players in solo queue are more likely to insta-lock him at least once to try out his new godly strength.

God Fist Lee Sin should be released for League of Legends with Patch 7.7. In the meanwhile, he remains on the PBE for further testing and feedback.